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Aquamarine-The March Birthstone!

03/05/2013 - 10:27pm

December is here and Tanzanite, the birthstone, is again the center of attraction! (As if this lovely gem ever was not). It can be seen in every jewelry store in the Caribbean, Mexico & Alaska. Well, and in Branson too at MAJESTIC GEMS! One of the easiest stone to buy as it is found only in one nation, Tanzania. Prices have been consistent on the rough or wholesale side for some time give and take a little fluctuation. It is on the seller's end that the price varies dramatically. This, and the grades of course.

Citrine comes from the French word "lemon" and the radiant color is associated with joyfulness and vitality. This stone is beautiful, affordable and fashionable! It comes in many different shades, shapes and sizes.

Rose gold is back! A new color in jewelry always gets most attention. Rose gold certainly is not shying away from the attention it is getting. But a question that we keep getting asked is "How is rose gold made?" Well, rose gold is made from a gold and copper alloy. Since copper has a bold pink-orange color, adding this alloy to gold gives the gold a beautiful pinkish gold color. 18Kt rose gold, 18K red gold, and 18K pink gold contain 75% gold. 14K rose gold, 14K red gold, and 14K pink gold contain 58% gold.

October 18 & 19, 2013 Branson Car Auction in Branson, MO! Majestic Gems will be featuring a Natural Pink Diamond from Australia, and it would look great in the "Pink 1957 Mercury Monterey" for sale at the auction! We will haveTanzanite, Yellow Diamonds, Chocolate Diamonds, Blue Diamonds & Black diamonds, Larimar by Marahlago,Chamilia beads and so much more.

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