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If you’re looking for value in your authentic jewelry purchases, Majestic Gems at The Branson Landing is definitely the place to shop. Their prices and selection are equal or better than what you may find in the Caribbean simply because they do not have to pay the cruise lines a percentage of the purchase. They have a large inventory of Blue Diamonds, Alexandrites, Larimar, Topaz's and more in beautiful settings or in individual gems. We have made several purchases at Majestic Gems and all appraisals have exceeded the purchase price.


I became acquainted with Majestic Gems 4 years ago.  Raj, Jennifer and their staff are the most experienced jewelers to work with.  I am a Blue Diamond person and Majestic Gems has the best selection and prices.  I have several rings and bracelets I have bought from Majestic Gems.  I have had so many compliments on my jewelry.  If you need jewelry, you need to go to Majestic Gems and try them out!

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